Nearly 50% of all wall cavities in today’s homes contain some type of obstruction (i.e. wiring, pipes, electrical boxes, etc.) along with
non-standard framing in width and height. In response to these construction methods, Guardian Building Products developed the
UltraFitDS PLUS® Spray-On Insulation System which conforms to all shapes and sizes of wall cavities
and fills in and around all wall obstructions. Each customized, one-piece batt is created on the job site for a perfect fit every time.
ULTRAFIT was designed for new construction and retrofit, residential or light commercial (non-exposed applications), side wall application,
metal framing sidewalls in residential and sound control.

Contains water-activated adhesive
2-3 times more fiberglass
Reduced air infiltration
Improved R-Values
Excellent Sound Control
Class A fire rating